The biggest celebration of piano producers, renovators and tuners.

The organizer of the meeting in Poland is the Polish Piano Tuners Association, a member of Europiano.

„The art of piano making in Europe: past, present & future”

Pianos have been constructed in Europe for more than 300 years. The history of their construction is one of the most beautifull aspects of industry. Major economic crises, changes in political systems and even the two terrible world wars which took place in Europe, were all unable to destroy the passion for creating pianos.

The art of piano construction always was & still is inseparble from the art and culture of music, both at home and in public performance. The construction of pianos has always been inspired by both: composers and pianists. They have shown piano builders new trends and have articulated their desires and expectations regarding the quality, length, clarity and intensity of sound. A very important factor was and is the construction of an instrument which is also very friendly to the performer. The keyboard and action are essential elements in every piano, which act as an extension of the performer’s fingers.

In Europe, tradition and modernity have always existed together, forming a cohesive whole. Through all this time, piano constructors searched for innovations and new acoustic solutions, making use of the latest technology. Contemporary piano construction is also a living art, based on non-stop development, improvement & enrichment. Europe is unique in producing pianos with such a rich variety of sound, colourisation and nuance.

We hope to present our achievements, with reference to our tradition & history. Therefore, we will exhibit pianos from various historical periods from the 18th & 19th century – the golden age of piano comstruction – along with contemporary instruments. There will also be presentations of the technology for renovating used pianos. Poland, and in particular the town of Kalisz, have become major European players in piano renovation and we would like to show how pianos are renovated even in small workshops.

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